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Who we are and what we do

We teach Spanish to kids and adults with our unique method which is a combination of grammar in conversation and story telling

Maria Hicks

Maria is a Spanish tutor from Venezuela currently based in the United States. She is graduated from el Instituto Universitario Tecnológico de Oriente in Modern Languages and in Business Administration. She's been teaching Spanish since 2005 and also, she has a wide experience in corporate jobs for international companies. She is the creator of the Spanish for beginner adult program

Marielis Borromé

Marielis is a Spanish and English tutor from Venezuela. She is graduated from La Universidad Central de Venezuela in International Relations. She also has English studies in Trinidad and Tobago and has worked as a teacher and academic coordinator for international schools in Venezuela.

This is what some of our students have said...

"First of all, I want to say that, Spanish is a beautiful important language in the world, at first I thought it is very difficult to learn it but when I started with an experienced teacher, I could progress rapidly because I had a bilingual teacher who speaks English and Spanish perfectly and she knows well how to transfer grammatical objects to a learner because the grammar is necessary to learn foreign language, now I am really happy that I can communicate easily with people who speak Spanish. Thanks Mrs. Maria Hicks for teaching me"
From Saudy Arabia
"Empecé las clases con Maria hace seis meses. ahora, después de mucha práctica mi comprensión y hablando español está mucho mejor. tengo más confianza cuando hablo ahora. Maria es paciente y hace que aprender sea divertido. Definitivamente voy a quedarme para más clases"
From California
"Fui a Florida ayer y estaba en una entrevista en Calle Ocho..completamente en español! Las lecciones de Maria me han dado suficiente confianza para expresarme en español"
From Ohio

Our Spanish Program is perfect for adults +25

It doesn’t matter if you are a busy mom, grandmother, full-time employee or retired!

"With your commitment to learn and our commitment to help you, our promise is that you will get confident speaking Spanish."

"The tutors are more than happy to help you out with what you need. The biggest benefit is that they understand formal Spanish and informal Spanish and that’s the kind of help I need in my class"
Adam Fletcher

Frecuently asked questions

Spanish conversation school is an online membership site with a complete Spanish course from beginner to advanced level which main objective is to help students developing the speaking skills and become confident using the language.

No! you can join with zero Spanish language skills. Our method is designed for beginners who eventually want to become fluent in Spanish.

Our program is based on grammar but with a conversational approach. We will teach you all the Spanish grammar you need in order to use it in conversations.

The app is a powerful resource that you will find in our program. In there you will find video lessons, exercises, audios, dialogues, infographics, AI tutors and more. All in an organize step-by-step displayed that can be seen on the App or on your desktop.   

An AI tutor is a person-like avatar powered by Open Artificial Intelligence and is a great tool to learn and practice Spanish. You can ask any question about grammar, or simply practice conversation as if you were speaking with a real person.

The weekly Zoom calls are to help you making progress, motivate you and helping along on you learning journey. The number of attendants is reduced so you can participate or ask any questions. If you don’t want to participate but still want to join, you are more than welcome to do so. 

About me


I'm Maria Hicks. A Spanish Tutor dedicated to help you speak Spanish with confidence.
I created The Spanish Conversation School as I saw the need for a safe and friendly space online where at the same time provides the best resources to help Spanish learners with their goal of speaking Spanish with confidence. Join me, you will learn a lot and love it!

Maria Hicks

Happy Faces of Happy Students

Whether is online or in person we always make sure that our students feel happy and supported as they learn